Duplex Ultrasound

Duplex Ultrasound

A duplex ultrasound is a non-invasive test to see how blood flows through the arteries and veins. This evaluation can help vascular surgeons diagnosis a patient’s problem and outline the best treatment for their individual needs. Because accuracy is critical, duplex ultrasounds should always be performed in an accredited vascular lab by a credentialed sonographer.

Today, we are using ultrasound in a much more sophisticated way, looking not just for “clot” but also for “reflux”.

Reflux is a condition where the blood in the vein travels away from, rather than towards the heart. This abnormality results in leg heaviness, tiredness and ultimately enlarged varicose veins. The conditions may lead to problems such as skin ulceration, discoloration or infection. Left untreated, venous reflux can be a very disabling condition.

“Dr. Esses did a fantastic job. I had the procedure on Thursday and was able to fly and travel by Friday.” – Cara Carney, Nurse Anesthetist

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